Streamline your foreign exchange buying and selling operations

Solutions in foreign exchange operations
and derivatives market

Access to the most traded currency exchanges in the world.


  • Buy / Sell currencies: Acquire your currencies at a competitive price and disperse your national and international payments.

  • FX Loan: Take advantage of market opportunities by financing your foreign exchange operations.

  • Market orders: Define your target exchange rate and we take care of finding the price for you day and night.

  • Personalized advice: We accompany you to make the best decisions and take advantage of market opportunities.

  • Foreign exchange 24/7: Agree foreign exchange operations during extended hours and even on non-bank business days through your foreign exchange advisor.

  • Payments abroad on the same day: Your operations with the speed you need and a competitive exchange rate.


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Protect your profits by assuring the future exchange rate.

Risk hedges

  • Forward: Forward: Free instrument that allows you to secure the exchange rate for your future operations, from 5 days to 18 months.
  • Currency Options: Secure your target exchange rate in exchange for a premium and use it whenever it suits you against the market.
  • Structures: Instruments to optimize the performance of your hedges according to your foreign exchange exposure and provide certainty in your future operations.

Interest rate hedges

  • Interest Rate Options: Put a cap on the interest rate of your credits, and keep the benefit in the event of a drop in the TIIE.
  • Interest Rate SWAP: Exchange the variable rate of your credits for a fixed rate, and continue financing your growth with peace of mind and certainty of your costs.



Guarantee the margin of your foreign exchange operations.

Express trade via an initial 6% margin deposit. Without giving financial information and without credit bureau.

Covers from 5 days to 18 months to give certainty to your treasury.

No contract opening cost.

It operates with a line destined to operate Derivatives subject to credit authorization.

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